Monday, January 16, 2006

Champagne Wishes...

Champagne: original name given to Yves Saint Lauren’s fragrance celebrating effervescent women as embodiment of the famous libation. The name caused an uproar amongst champagne makers. Ultimately, the French government decided that only the drinkable bubbly may be called champagne.
Saint Lauren’s fragrance was renamed Yvresse.

Looking up the history of Yvresse on the internet, I found scant information stating the fragrance launch and the controversy happened around 1993 or 1994.

I distinctly remember a time in the late 1980’s when perfume companies trying out the concept of using pouches instead of paper scent strips in fashion magazines.

As a teen, I had obtained fragrance pouch of Champagne, which I relished. I wore it sparingly on boring school days and to dancing at the Fineline on weekends. This was one fragrance that I felt was worth owning. But as soon as I decided to purchase it, Champagne disappeared.

I vaguely remember news about a copyright dispute and the fragrance being taken off the market. I gave up on the fragrance... most likely took up another scent from Body and Soul; probably “Dreams”.

This whole experience of mine points at a much earlier launch date for YSL’s Champagne – more like 1988, not 1994. Perhaps it was taken off the market until the legalities were finalized and then re-launched in 1994?

Recently, I bought a mini bottle of Yvresse and even after 18 years or so, I instantly recognized it.

It’s very party girl.

It’s wondrous to glance back at the person I once was through the fragrance that once captivated my attention.

Do you recall your life through aroma?

Champagne/Yvresse description from Perfume World:
1993 Yves Saint Lauren(PPR) France
Olfactive family:Chypre Fruity
Olfactive description:Fruity(Nectarine) Aromatic Green Floral(Rose, Violet, Iris(Methyl ionone) Chypre Spicy Balsamic Woody Ambery Musky Oakmossy Patchouli
Remarks:The fragrance bottle was designed like the image of a champagne cork and a champagne bottle. In some area of the world, this perfume was also sold under the name of "Yves saint laurent(or Yvresse)"(instead of "Champagne") to avoid the copyright-dispute for the original name "Champagne".


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